Listeners will definitely enjoy a wide variety of “Solid Moments” when our beloved producer Marc Free enlists the able assistance of a few trusted “Idle Hands” for the next release in a visionary series of demand building records. Highlighted by the handiwork of a carefully curated group of Posi-Tone artists, this engagingly entertaining album features front line performances from guitarist Will Bernard, vibraphonist Behn Gillece, and saxophonist Sam Dillon playing over the solid harmonic foundation of pianist Art Hirahara, bassist Boris Kozlov and drummer Donald Edwards. The album’s musical program is comprised of a series of succinct performances that are deliberately intended to provide listeners with an accurate practical auditory insight and representation of the straight forward musical aesthetics and operational ethos of Posi-Tone Records. Jazz fans everywhere can relax and enjoy the beautiful sounds emanating from these “Idle Hands” as they work cooperatively to provide us with more “Solid Moments“ towards a delightful today and a brighter tomorrow.

Will Bernard – guitar
Behn Gillece – vibraphone
Sam Dillon – tenor sax
Art Hirahara – piano
Boris Kozlov – bass
Donald Edwards – drums

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Solid Moments

Release Date : 02.21.20
Artists : Art Hirahara, Behn Gillese, Boris Kozlov, Donald Edwards, Sam Dillon, Will Bernard
Genre : ,
label : Posi-Tone Records
Format : CD