Something Blue, Maximum Enjoyment

For this album, I chose to use the aesthetic ideas suggested by classic Victorian era English rhyme to curate all the aspects of the production process. I also specifically selected musicians who are “old” familiar faces: Art Hirahara, Boris Kozlov, and Rudy Royston. There are some “new” friends as well: Alexa Tarantino, Nick Finzer, and Sam Dillon. The carefully selected musical program features some borrowed compositions taken from earlier Posi-Tone releases, which were subsequently produced to create performances reminiscent of the mid-1960’s, the “blue” period of modern jazz. I sincerely hope everyone will experience as much “Maximum Enjoyment” listening to these musical offerings as I did producing them. – Marc Free, producer

Maximum Enjoyment – Something Blue
Alexa Tarantino – alto sax
Nick Finzer – trombone
Sam Dillon – tenor sax
Art Hirahara – piano
Boris Kozlov – bass
Rudy Royston – drums

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Maximum Enjoyment

Release Date : 01.04.19
Artists : Alexa Tarantino, Art Hirahara, Boris Kozlov, Nick Finzer, Rudy Royston, Sam Dillon
Genre : ,
Format : CD