Travis Sullivan’s Bjorkestra’s critically acclaimed studio recording that showcases Sullivan’s original arrangements of the pop artist Bjork. Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Jason Miles and featuring an amazing lineup of NYC-based jazz musicians.
“Whether playing it straight through from beginning to end or skipping around, there’s little chance you won’t be impressed.“

Travis Sullivan, alto saxophone & arrangements; Becca Stevens, vocals; Alex Fortuit, laptop programming; Arun Luthra, alto saxophone; Sean Nowell, tenor saxophone; Steve Welsh, tenor saxophone; Lauren Sevian, baritone saxophone; Alan Ferber, trombone; Ryan Keberle, trombone; Andrew Gold, trombone; Kevin Schmidt, trombone; Kevin Bryan, trumpet; Eli Asher, trumpet; Kelly Pratt, trumpet; Alicia Rau, trumpet; Art Hirahara, piano; Yoshi Waki, bass; Joe Abbatantuono, drums; Brian Fishler, drums.



Release Date : 01.22.08
Genre : ,
Format : CD