Earth Wind and Wonder

Featuring Don on tenor sax, flute and alto flute
Brandon McCune, Art Hirahara – piano
Joris Teepe, Kenny Davis – bass
Cecil Brooks III, Jeremy Warren – drums
Kahlil Kwame Bell – percussion

“…everyone is playing with love and respect for the material, swinging hard and spinning these classic songs into jazz gold. This goes beyond mere homage into real transformation.”
— Phil Freeman, The New York City Jazz Record (page 40)

“Performing new arrangements of Earth, Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder’s notable hits is certainly not an easy task. However, Braden accomplishes this mission with his superb renditions, while staying true to the essence of their artistry. Earth Wind and Wonder is truly an artistic expression that will capture the hearts and minds of its listeners.”
— Jamaal Baptiste, Black Grooves (Archives of African American Music & Culture) at Indiana University

“A wonderful groover throughout.”
— Midwest Record

“Every cut on this recording is superbly produced and Braden’s exciting ensemble of memorable musicians do not disappoint.”
— Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs

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Earth Wind and Wonder

Release Date : 05.04.18
Artists : Art Hirahara, Brandon McCune, Cecil Brooks III, Don Braden, Jeremy Warren, Joris Teepe, Kahlil Kwame Bell
Genre : ,
label : Creative Perspective Music
Catalog ref. : CPM3005
Format : CD