Saxophonist, composer and arranger Don Braden is excited to announce the release of “Earth Wind and Wonder Volume 2”, a follow up to his lauded first volume, released in 2018. Like its predecessor, “Earth Wind and Wonder Volume 2” reimagines a selected repertoire of two of Braden’s early musical influences: Earth, Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder. The output is as energetic as it is grooving, which we’ve come to expect from the imaginative arrangements and critical reception of Braden’s previous installment. Throughout Earth Wind and Wonder Volume 2, Braden can be heard on tenor saxophone, flute and alto flute. Joining him are Art Hirahara and Miki Hayama on piano and keyboard, bassist Kenny Davis, drummer Jeremy Warren and percussionist Kahlil Kwame Bell.
released June 16, 2023

Album Producer and Executive Producer: Don Braden
Recording Credits: Recorded on February 20, 2023 at Tedesco Recording Studios ( by Tom Tedesco (assisted by his intern Krissy Kyi). Additional recording was done at Creative Perspective Music Studio in March 2023. This CD was edited, mixed, and mastered by Don Braden.

Photo Credits: Lindsey Victoria (
Cover Design and Graphics: Christopher Drukker.

Endorsements: Don Braden plays the Antigua ProOne tenor saxophone, the Azumi (by Altus) flute, and the Powell Sonaré alto flute. His mouthpiece is the JodyJazz DVNY 9*, and his reeds are D’Addario Grand Concert. He uses Cakewalk by Bandlab software for audio mixing. He also uses Genelec monitors and Tetra audiophile speakers for reference in the audio monitoring.


Earth Wind and Wonder Volume 2

Release Date : 06.16.23
Genre : ,
Format : CD