Cornelius’s soaring melodies and intricate improvisations are perfectly complemented by his fellow musicians — Behn Gillece on vibraphone, Art Hirahara on piano, Peter Slavov on bass, and Vinnie Sperrazza on drums — all working together to create a seamless and mesmerizing listening experience.

With its lush harmonies, intricate rhythms, and dazzling solos, “Book of Secrets” takes the listener on a thrilling journey through a musical landscape that is at once familiar and yet uncharted.

So whether one is a seasoned jazz aficionado or just newly discovering the genre, “Book of Secrets” is sure to captivate listeners, engage imaginations and inspire bright moments!

released June 30, 2023

Patrick Cornelius – alto saxophone 1, 5, 6, 8, 11; soprano saxophone 2, 3, 12; clarinet 4 & 9; alto flute 7 & 10
Behn Gillece – vibraphone (not on 4 & 12)
Art Hirahara – piano
Peter Slavov – bass
Vinnie Sperrazza – drums
Diego Rivera – tenor saxophone 6 & 9
Altin Sencalar – trombone 9

Marc Free – producer
Nick O’Toole – engineer
recorded November 16-18, 2022 at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY
mixed & mastered at Woodland Studio, Lake Oswego, OR
photography by Vincent Soyez
package design by Haley Riley


Book Of Secrets

Release Date : 06.30.23
Genre : ,
Format : CD