An Evening with Kazuo Ishiguro & Stacey Kent

Nobel Laureate Kazuo Ishiguro and world-renowned jazz singer Stacey Kent share crossovers and collaborations in their work, in an evening of words and music.
In a UK exclusive, the Southbank Centre and Faber Members present this evening to celebrate the publication of The Summer We Crossed Europe in the Rain: Lyrics for Stacey Kent by Kazuo Ishiguro.
Since 2007, Kazuo Ishiguro has written song lyrics for the award winning vocalist Stacey Kent, which were set to music by composer, saxophonist and producer Jim Tomlinson – a coming together of literary and musical worlds.
The lyrics are infused with a sense of yearning, melancholy, love and the romance of travel and liminal spaces – qualities which are further explored and enhanced in print by Bianca Bagnarelli’s exquisite illustrations.
In this unique event, Stacey Kent will perform a selection of Tomlinson-Ishiguro songs, with Jim Tomlinson on woodwinds and Art Hirahara on piano.
The evening will also feature a wide-ranging interview with Kazuo Ishiguro about the songs and how his lifelong interest in music has influenced the writing of his novels.

Sat 30 Mar, 7pm
Queen Elizabeth Hall
Literature & poetry